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What is the Trading Game?

  • An online financial trading game that offers you an opportunity to win a cash prize with no cost to enter. The game is accessible to all levels of experience, once you are over the age 18.
  • The game is run over 1 week & the most profitable demo trader at the end of the game will win the cash prize.
  • All participants will have access to an internal forum & leader-board to keep track of who’s winning!
  • To Enter the competition, apply above & we will email you your link to set up a demo account & instructions on when & how to get started.


No, you simply open a demo account with our trading partner AVATrade to enter

Apply on the website form above, you will then receive an email with your link to set up your DEMO trading account with AVATrade as well as full instructions on how to take part

Strictly over 18’s only

The competition lasts for 1 week. A new competition starts every month

If you have the largest account balance at the end of the competition you will be the winner

We will be contact you to arrange personal delivery.of your check

You can only enter once

We reserve the right to refuse on application